The Thoughts & Gifts Project

Celebrating birthdays, celebrating you.
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Remember the joy and excitement you felt on your birthday?

By supporting The Thoughts & Gifts Project during our inaugural
fundraising campaign, you can inspire the same joy and excitement with others throughout our community!

Did you know 28% of our youth and seniors qualify as below the poverty level? Your support helps us celebrate each qualifying recipient’s birthday by providing a gift(s) up to $30 value, a card for a personalized note, and an age-appropriate book. We also invite all clients to a monthly birthday party!

Share the joy by donating now!

“Share the Joy” at area businesses throughout October!
Buy a “gift” for $1 and help celebrate others on their birthday!

Participating businesses include:

Arena Sports Bar
Independence Cinema
Independence Liquor Store
Koyotes Tacos
Monmouth Hardware
Main Street Pub
Ovenbird Bakery
Petals & Vines
Washington Federal


Throughout our “Share the Joy” campaign, we will feature remember whens, birthday trivia, and donor spotlights
on our Facebook page and on our website!

Remember the Joy?

A toy, a game,
a puzzle, a doll,
or something else?

A photo, jewelry,
an experience,
or something esle?

Celebrate with friends and family?
Take a day off from work?
Eat dinner out? Other?

Birthday Trivia!

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And the answer is…
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Guinness World Records

Donor Spotlight

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The Thoughts &
Gifts Project

The Thoughts & Gifts Project promotes the value and importance of low-income youth and seniors on their birthday. Our primary focus area is the Monmouth-Independence community, but we will serve all of Polk County, Oregon. By providing birthday presents, cards, and parties, as well as age-appropriate books, we want all qualifying individuals to feel exceptional and appreciated on their special day.