To ensure the comfort and safety of our clients, donors, and volunteers,
we are available by appointment only until further notice.

Need gifts? Want to apply? Have questions?

We can still help during this time of crisis!

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During October, help us
Share the Joy
in celebrating youth and seniors
on their birthday!

Another way you can help
Share the Joy?

Buy a “gift” for only $1
to help celebrate the birthday
of an underserved youth or senior
in Polk County!

Buy your “gift” icon at these participating locations:

Arena Sports Bar
Chase Bar & Grill
Corby’s Public House
Crush Wine Bar
Independence Liquor
Rookies Sports Tap
West Valley Taphouse
Yeasty Beasty

Plus, the location that sells the most “gifts”
and the location that raises the most money
will each win a special appreciation party for their staff!

Buy your “gift” now to celebrate others
and to help your favorite local business win!





Number of youth and seniors served in 2020!

Call to apply now,
and let us help you celebrate
your loved one!


Recipients must be 0-18 or 65+, live in Polk County, and be eligible for federal assistance.

The primary parent/guardian must complete an application for each youth; seniors may self-apply or be referred.

Proof of need is not required.

Want to help make a difference
in the lives of others on their birthday?

With your help, each qualifying individual will receive
gifts up to $30, cards, and books on their birthday!

The Thoughts &
Gifts Project

The Thoughts & Gifts Project promotes the value and importance of underserved youth and seniors in Polk County, Oregon on their birthday. By providing birthday presents, cards, and parties, as well as age-appropriate books, we want all qualifying individuals to feel exceptional and appreciated on their special day.

The Thoughts & Gifts Project

Celebrating birthdays, celebrating you.
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