Our 2018 Donor Roll


Thank you to the following individuals, organizations, and businesses for their support of The Thoughts & Gifts Project in 2018!
Your generosity helped us raise over $31,000 in monetary and gifts in-kind donations!
And a special thank you to those who joined our Founders’ Circle by donating $500 and higher by 12/31/18!

We are truly grateful!

It is our goal to acknowledge all of our donors. If your name inadvertently has not been listed, please contact us at info@thoughtsandgifts.org.

Premier Partner


Polk County Service Club

Frank & Ashley Roe

Tommy & Jean Love

Community Champion


Kevin & Lara Kempka

David & Debbie Kerns

John & Betsy Messer

Phil Wright

Founding Friend



Steven & Winnie Goto

George Jeffery

Paul Kyllo

Jen & Molly McDermond

Julia Parks & Chris Wilson

Monmouth Hardware

In honor of Ann Collins &

In honor of Barbara Freeze

by Lara Kempka & Jean Love

In memory of Mike Moran by Pat Stineff 

Memory Maker


Main Street Tattoo

Scott & Sally McClure


Roth’s Fresh Markets

Mungo Signs

Birthday Buddy


Bonnie Beck

Phyllis Bolman

Central Lions Club

Danny & Delma Collins

Nathan & Jess Collins

Shannon Corr

Lauri Crocker

Crush Wine Bar

Sue DeVault

Emerson Vineyard

In memory of Chloe Burns by Paul Evans

Patricia Gallagher & Mary Vaughn

Scott & Miranda Garrison

Larry & Vonnie Good

Jennifer Humcke

Independence Riverview Market

Mike & Nancy Lodge

Steve & Jill Love

John McCardle & Patty Nevue

MaMere’s Guest House

Karl & Mary Paulson

Petals & Vines

Polk County Fairgrounds

Rogue Farms

Andy Scott

Second Chance Books

Dori Showell

Sojourn Beauty

Chuck & Debi Thurman

Cindy Wigget

Party Pal

under $100

Airlie Winery

Charles & Sylvia Alva


Arena Sports Bar

Pepis Avila

Vicki Bailey

Jean Berry

Gayle Birch

Ninkasi Brewing

Beverley Edwards

Harriet Feder

Joe Flande

Home Comfort

Independence Cinema

Independence Liquor

Jessica Il

Danny Jaffer

Morris & Margaret Johnson

Rod Killen

Little Caesars

James & Ann Milford

Alicia Moreno

Victor & Marilyn Morton

Ovenbird Bakery

Redgate Vineyard

Richard Ross

San Antonio

Steve & Anne Scheck

Smith Fine Arts Series

The Gym

Frank & Judy Vanderburg

Carletta West

Young Realty

Theresa Zizzo

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