About Us


The Thoughts & Gifts Project began its path many years ago after founder and president, Jean Love, was driving along country roads to visit family during the holiday season and heard a commercial about providing gifts for youth who may not otherwise receive presents. Upon conclusion of the commercial, she questioned to herself why there were not more programs to help celebrate other important days in children’s lives, such as their birthdays.

For many years she continued to think about this idea. Then, in 2017, she began the process of turning the idea into a reality.

Now, The Thoughts & Gifts Project is a 501(c)(3) public charity operating in the Monmouth-Independence community of Polk County, Oregon to not only celebrate birthdays for low-income youth, but also for qualifying senior citizens.

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Our Board of Directors

The Thoughts & Gifts Project is a volunteer-based organization managed by our dedicated Board of Directors.

Founder & President

Jean Love


Natascha Cronin
Long-term Care
Ombudsman Oregon
Volunteer Recruitment


Molly McDermond
Oregon State Credit Union
Call Center Manager


Lacey Johnson


Phil Wright
Marquis Corp.
Web Development and
Digital Marketing Manager